Lazy Witchcraft: Doing Spells with Pre-Made Ingredients

There’s really not enough time in the day. Witchcraft can seem daunting when you think you need to spend hours on rituals and spells and recipes. Like I’ve said before, I love cooking from scratch, but I work 40 hours a week so I don’t always have time to grind my own herb mixtures, or slow cook my own tomato sauce or broth. I’m luckier than most that I can do this at all. But sometimes I’m too tired, or down or just lazy. Thankfully, there are plenty of shortcuts you can take (and make!) to make witchcraft more accessible. I like to call this lazy witchcraft, but that’s just because I’m lazy myself. 😛 I’ll be discussing this more when I talk about doing witchcraft on a budget, but let’s start out by discussing witchcraft with pre-made ingredients.

lazy witchcraft tea1

You don’t need to order expensive organic dried or fresh herbs online when you can just go to the grocery store and grab a $2 box of tea bags. There’s no need to gather herbs for a prosperity spell when you can grab some Italian Seasoning and have everything already ground and mixed. Use garlic powder in place of fresh, buy pre-squeezed lemon juice in place of actual lemons, buy pre-made herb infused oils to anoint candles or make an enchanted sauce. There’s a lot of options, and the only thing you really need to do is to read the ingredients on the back of whatever you buy. I’ll go over a couple of examples of my personal lazy witchcraft habits here and then you can go wild with it!


lazy witchcraft tea

I’ve written about a special tea made with a pre-made tea bag, but you can do all sorts of things with herbal teas! I often pull out a bag of chamomile and cut it open for a peace or self love spell. Hard to come by herbs like lavender, poppy flowers, various kinds of edible flowers, and even easy to find things in more manageable quantities. A lot of herbal and blended teas are already tiny spells in a bag, just waiting for an infusion of intent to get the job done.

A peach ginger tea, for example, is already perfect for a love, health or prosperity spell, with both peaches and ginger being known for inspiring love and passion, longevity and power. An orange ginger tea might be good for a wealth spell, and a peppermint tea would be fantastic for cleansing or self love. These are just a few ideas, but you can go wild with tea bags!

Herb and Spice Mixes

If you like to cook like me, you’ve probably seen plenty of pre-made spice mixes at the store. Italian herb mixes, curry powders, lemon zest spice rubs, pumpkin pie spice, poultry seasoning, etc. These make cooking easier, for sure, but they’re perfect for witchcraft as well! They’re perfect for kitchen witchcraft, of course–we’ve talked a bit about that before. But they can be used outside your cooking as well. Poultry seasoning, for example, is generally a blend of sage, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, pepper and nutmeg. This is an amazing blend for a cleansing spell, or a prosperity sachet! Pumpkin pie spice, usually cinnamon, ginger, allspice and nutmeg, is another perfect blend for money spells! There are tons of possibilities. Think about it! These herbs often mix well together for reasons beyond taste.

Infused Oils

I’m sure you’ve seen those fancy bottles of infused oils at the store before–basil oil, hot pepper oil, lemon or orange oil, even mushroom oils! Depending on the type and quality of oil, they can be pricey. Still, they’re a handy thing to have for the witch in a rush. A lot of them also come in tester or gift sizes, which can ease up on the money issue for some of us. These are great for kitchen witchcraft, of course, but also for dressing and anointing candles and objects, and yourself. Lemon is good for cleansing, orange for wealth, basil for love or money. You can also always make your own–I have a recipe for one up already! But they’re also easily available at the store. Keep an eye out!


A mix of dried flowers and spices you can put in a pretty bowl to help your house smell nice–that’s all potpourri is, really. With a natural potpourri, you have a handily bagged mix of dried ingredients ready for witchcraft? There are so many different kinds and, like the aforementioned spice and herb mixes, they often work quite well together. Use roses for love, jasmine for dream magic, vanilla for beauty, lavender for cleansing. You could infuse this with energy and place it has a room as a general spell, use it in sachets, bottles and jars, even floor washes! Just make sure not to ingest any. 🙂

Cafe Drinks

This might be my favorite little trick. Everyone has their favorite cafe drink. I’m partial to Starbucks Refreshers (Pink Drink anybody?) but others go for coffee, or tea. Usually coffee. I’ve never been a coffee drinker myself, but I get the appeal. Plus if you get it from a local cafe instead of a chain, that already seems to add a little bit more magic. But you can add your own, too! A lot of places, Starbucks included, have extra sugar, cinnamon, etc. sitting out for you to add to your drink, and what better way to sprinkle a little magic into your day? Order something that suits your spell, and then have fun with it! Seasonal drinks are especially good for this. Go for color associations, fruits, tea blends and flavored copies. Get your drink, sprinkle in some sugar, cinnamon, or other mix ins, sit and stir while visualizing your intentions. Then drink!  You’ve got your own mini potion. 🙂

There are just a handful of ideas, but hopefully it’s a good starting point for some of your own shortcuts! Witchcraft doesn’t need to be elaborate or difficult, especially when there already isn’t enough time in the day. If you have your own tips and tricks to share, please do! I’m always learning myself. 🙂 And let me know if you try any of these lazy witchcraft tips with success!