Enchanting Objects: Casting Charms on Enamel Pins

I’m gonna be honest: part of the reason I’m writing up this post is so I can show off all my cute enamel pins. I absolutely ADORE enamel pins. My love for them started when I saw an adorable Sailor Moon pin on Tumblr, and when I went to try and buy it it was sold out on the site. I managed to buy it about a year or so later though, and after that I was hooked!

I get most of my pins from Sugarbones, and I’m even a member of her pin club, but I buy cute ones whenever I see them (when I have the funds). Most of the time I just display them, but like everything I buy, I had to wonder: How can I use these for witchcraft? And the solution was obvious, at least to me. Enchanting objects is a good skill for a witch to have–why not enchant enamel pins? 

Enchanting Objects: Enamel Pins

Charms! Enamel pins are the perfect size to be inconspicuous, and they’re made for being attached to things. They come in so many different shapes, colors and designs, that you can find one for almost anything, or re-purpose ones you already have! Like the Sailor Moon pin I mentioned–it’s perfect for a sleep charm you can attach to the end of your pillow case or set on your nightstand for a good night’s rest.

enchanting objects sailor moon

And look at this golden apple pin! I keep it on my shrine to Aphrodite, but it would be perfect pinned to a purse, jacket or dress for a beauty glamour!

enchanting objects beauty

They make fantastic personal wards as well. You can tailor them to your needs.

One for general protection. 

enchanting objects ward

One for protection while traveling (a post I’ll be making soon).

enchanting objects travel
Any Alice Isn’t Dead fans out there?

Maybe one for protection from negativity.

enchanting objects negativity

If you want to protect a bag from thieves, you could enchant a pin for that purpose and attach it to it! If you’re feeling down on yourself, you can pick your favorite pin and enchant it to help aid in your self love!

enchanting objects self love

Luck is another idea, when you need for things to go your way. Eloquence for a presentation, confidence, creativity the list goes on. 🙂

enchanting objects creativity

But how do you go about enchanting objects anyway? There are a number of ways to do so. Here are a few!

Enchantment Methods

  • Gather some candles. If you can, use candles with colors that match your intentions (green for luck, black for protection, etc). Write your intentions for the spell on a piece of paper and wrap it around the pin. Place your pin among the candles and light them. Put your hands over the pin and infuse it with your energy and intention. Allow the pin to sit there until the candles burn down.
  • Do the above, but in the packet you use to wrap the pin, add herbs according to your intention. 🙂
  • Create a sachet and fill it with herbs according to your intention. Leave the pin in the sachet and place it under the sun or moon to charge.
  • Anoint your pin with an oil or water you’ve made to fit your intention–be care with this method, as you don’t want to ruin the pin!
  • If you work with any gods or goddesses, you can make them an offering, place the pin on their altar and ask them to bless it!
  • Create an enchantment box!  I’ll do an in-depth post about this later, but an enchantment box is well, a box for enchanting objects! You place other objects into the box in order to give them magickal qualities. These are a good addition to your altar, as you’ll need to keep them charged. 🙂 You can place the pin inside and leave it for a few days before using it!

These are just a few ideas, but I hope they give you a good start! Of course, you can enchant other objects like this as well. Jewelry, hair accessories, items of clothing, button pins, makeup the list goes on. I just chose to write this about enamel pins because I have so many of them. Plus, they’re a popular accessory and very portable. I’ll definitely be using a few charmed pins myself in the coming days, with some important events coming up! For now, you might not hear too much from me over the next week. 😉 I’ve got a wedding to plan, but you’ll for sure being hearing about that soon, so keep an eye out!