Witchcraft Basics: What are Glamours and how do you cast one?

Wow I’ve been absent for over a week! To be fair, I’ve been incredibly busy recently. Mostly because I got married last Saturday, September 1! Well, we had our reception–my wife and I eloped back in May. 🙂 I’ll be busy again next week with a trip to Texas in the works, but I’m back for now with a bunch more magic to share with you, a lot of which is related to my recent nuptials. 😉 While getting ready for the wedding I started thinking about glamours and magically playing with perception. So I’ve decided to share some of my thoughts and findings with you all!

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What is a Glamour?

A glamour is a kind of spell you cast on yourself to change how people perceive you. Glamours aren’t like the kind of magic you see in the movies–the same goes for all the witchcraft we talk about here. It’s not flashy. You can’t use a glamour to change your eye or hair color. You can, however, use them to be perceived as more beautiful, more confident, tougher, smarter, more delicate, the list goes on. I’ve written a couple of glamour spells before–mostly beauty spells like my spritzer or beauty oil. But there are other kinds of glamours and other ways to achieve them.

Oftentimes, glamours are performed along with your getting ready ritual. It’s a kind of magic that lends itself well to the mundane things we do everyday, and to the science of our world as well. You’ve probably heard of the placebo effect. The simple version of it is: if you believe something is happening to you, you’ll begin to feel the effects–it becomes real. The intersection of witchcraft and science is fascinating to me, and glamours in particular are where I see it overlapping the most! You’ve got magic and science working on your side with these, and the end result is often that you feel more secure in yourself, which is something we should all strive for.

How to Cast a Glamour

So you’ve crawled out of bed, or off of the couch, and you’re about to get ready to go out. You want to look a certain way–be perceived a certain way, and you want some magical help with that. This is where casting a glamour comes in, and there are a ton of ways to do it. The simplest way, with no outside preparation or ingredients, is to manifest your intent while getting ready for the day, however it is you do that. Wash away the worries and debris of the day before when you shower and wash your hair. Focus on whatever quality you desire sinking into your skin as your wash your face, moisturize, shave, etc.

Using Cosmetics

Choose your outfit according to what you’re trying to manifest–color associations work well for this, as does jewelry, especially if you’ve enchanted it. If you wear makeup, it’s tailor made for casting glamours. Use color associations on your eye-shadow and lipstick–pink for beauty, red for confidence, a nude if you’re trying to go unnoticed. Think of your foundation as well, the foundation of your spell. Whatever perception you’re going for, infuse the foundation with it and put it on.

If you use concealer, use it to “conceal” any faults, or whatever it is about yourself you’d like to downplay today. Weave magic and intention into your hair as your pick, comb or brush it out for the day. Do you have a favorite perfume or cologne? Use it to cover yourself in your intention. And the best part is, after the day is over, you can end the spell by washing it all away!

Other Methods

Of course, you can do a glamour via more hands-on means as well. Potions, salves, baths, charms, enchanted meals, the list goes on. Tea, coffee and smoothies lend themselves well to glamours, as you can take them on the go and let the magic flow through you on your way to your destination. You can create a spray for your skin or hair, an oil to anoint yourself with, or even create a satchel to carry on your person in order to exude whatever quality you’re seeking. As you may have noticed, a lot of these glamours are reusable, as opposed to the cosmetic type glamours listed above. Both have their uses, and you can layer these methods as well to achieve what you desire!

Types of Glamours

What kind of glamour might you want to cast, though? Well, here are a few examples!


Probably the most common type of glamour, these are used to make you appear more attractive to people you may interact with.


To look more confident, even when you’re not particularly feeling that way. These are good for job interviews, meetings, presentations, etc.!


If you’re trying to look stronger or more intimidating than you are, for safety or otherwise, this might be the kind of glamour you’re looking for.


Need to come off as more eloquent and intelligent? Well I’m sure you’re plenty smart, but if people have been doubting you, a magical boost might give them a nudge in the right direction.

There are plenty more, and these can overlap and combine to achieve what you’re looking for! Magic is malleable like that. Just be clear about what you need, or you might get mixed results. This goes for any spell, however. 😉

Tools/Ingredients for Glamours

Not sure what to gather beforehand? Here are a couple of ideas!

Makeup (especially eyeshadow and lipstick)
Moisturizers/Skin care products
Roses (beauty)
Garlic (protection, commanding)
Hot Sauce/Hot Peppers
Dill (charm, lust)
Banana (Success)
Avocado (Beauty, love)
Apple (Beauty, love)
Strawberries (Love, happiness)
Peaches (youth, happiness)
Cherries, pitted (beauty)
Vanilla (beauty, seduction)
Bay leaf (love, passion, harmony)
Basil (wealth,love, faithfulness)
Oregano (ward against negative energy, happiness, peaceful energy)
Thyme (positivity, prosperity)
Parsley (happiness, passion, protection)
Sage (prosperity, mental clarity)
Rosemary (beauty, love, general magical boost)
Marjoram (happiness, love, money)
Sea Salt (purity, protection)
Pepper (passion)
Crushed red pepper (passion, a spell booster)

This is just a list to start with! You can use the edible ingredients to make teas, baths, smoothies, soups, etc., and infuse other ingredients with your intent. Glamours are versatile, and the way you cast them can be, too! The only real limit is your imagination. I did a beauty glamour with my makeup and perfume before my wedding as I was getting ready. I think it worked out pretty well, don’t you? 😛

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Keep an eye out for a post on some wedding magic next week! Complete with professional photos. <3