Spellwork Basics: What is Grounding and How do you do it?

So if you’ve looked around this site long enough, you’ve definitely heard me talk about grounding yourself before a spell. But what exactly is grounding, and what does it have to do with spellwork? Well, it’s how you get your spell off the ground, to use a very bad pun. Grounding is the act of centering yourself and your energy in order to use that energy to power a spell. That, at least, is my understanding, though it’s certainly a vague one. So I’m going to use this post to articulate it as best I can, and I hope you end this reading with a better understanding. 🙂  I’ve gone into it a bit before, but here’s an entire post on it!

grounding spell

What is Grounding?

Let’s take a closer look at the definition of grounding. It might help to think of grounding as an action more than an abstract concept. Let’s practice it while you’re reading this very article. Try this: Make sure your feet are firmly on the ground. Close your eyes, and release the tension in your body. Clear your mind as much as you can, and focus in on your spell. What are you hoping to accomplish with this spell? What’s your end goal your process?

Don’t let your mind wander.  Envision what you’re focusing on as energy that you’re holding within yourself. Hold it there and let it strengthen. Focus on it moving through your body, up your chest, down your arm and through your fingertips. This is how you ground yourself, and this is how you transfer your own energy to your spells. It’s also why knowing exactly what you want from your spell is so important.

Back to vague definitions, you can think of grounding as an almost meditative state before completing a spell. So if you meditate often, it might be something that comes naturally to you. Let’s not pretend that this is a simple feat for everyone, though, and go over some different methods you can use to get yourself grounded.

Methods of Grounding

Sometimes grounding isn’t as easy as closing your eyes and focusing. Some people’s minds are prone to wander, or have trouble with visualization, but that doesn’t mean spellcasting isn’t possible for them. Let’s go over some different ways to ground yourself before a spell.

Make a Base 

If you’re doing kitchen witchcraft, there’s a nice shortcut you can take for grounding. Use a base to either start your meal or eat it. Rice and pasta make great bases–these are grains from the Earth, and they carry that power with them. Broth is another great base–especially one you make yourself, with vegetable ends and pieces. Add a sprinkling of the right herbs to make your intent known and you’ll be well on your way. This is a great vehicle to carry your kitchen spells, and rice and pasta can easily be made ahead!

Writing out your Intentions 

If you find it hard to focus, or to articulate what it is you want from a spell, writing it out is an option. Clutch it in your head as you perform a spell. Read it out loud if you like. You can even incorporate it into your spell if it’s a sachet, poppet, candle, etc.

Write an Incantation 

If silent grounding and visualization aren’t for you, and you want to go beyond simply writing out what it is you want, maybe an incantation is better for you. It doesn’t have to rhyme, or be anything fancy. But it does need to state your intention, and be your own words. Words carry a lot of power, after all, and you want to make sure your intentions are clear. Feel free to get inspiration from other incantations, or even altar existing ones to fit your needs!


If picturing things helps for you, try this–after closing your eyes, releasing tension and calling your intention to mind, picture the energy collecting within you as a ball of light–or whatever you like, to be quite honest. How you visualize it might depend on the kind of spell you’re doing. Colors might change, the form, the texture, etc. But whatever it is, visualize it flowing through you, and to your spell. This might help increase your focus, which is never a bad thing while casting a spell.

Why Grounding?

But why do we ground at all? You might be wondering why you can’t just perform a spell without grounding, putting together all your components and letting what happens, happen. Well, you could do that, and it might work, but it’s a rather chaotic way to do spellwork. Your results are less guaranteed and often less powerful. Having a CLEAR intention is important to spell work, and adding a bit of yourself to your spell is an important component. If your spell is unfocused, your results will be to, if you get any results at all. Grounding is that focus–and so finding a method of grounding that works for you is incredibly important.

I hope this gives you a good head start on your spellwork, and makes things easier for you in the long run. Grounding is an important skill, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Practice makes perfect, and you can practice grounding without actually casting a spell, so be sure to hone your skill before trying anything too daunting. The extra effort will be worth it!