Employment Spell: Take Your Application to the Next Level

Job hunting can be soul crushing, but landing an interview is always a good feeling. The panic that ensues after landing the interview is a little less fun though. That’s where this handy little employment spell comes in. This particular spell is for after you’ve landed an interview, but it can work for after you’ve applied as well! It’s quick and easy, and I’ve done it a handful of times, for myself and others, with a fairly good success rate. So I hope it works its magic for you, too! All you need are some candles, paper, a writing utensil, a couple of herbs and a fire-proof bowl. 🙂

employment spell

Employment Spell Ingredients

A piece of paper (a copy of your resume, application or interview letter would work nicely ;))

Writing Implement

Bay Leaf (luck, wishes) 

Basil (luck, money, prosperity) 

Nutmeg (luck, money) 

Cinnamon (luck, money, prosperity) 

Orange or Almond Essence (luck, money, prosperity) 

At least two candles, gold or green

Fireproof container + water as needed

Casting Your Employment Spell

Clear off a work space. If you have an altar, that’s a great place to work! Take your paper and place the herbs in the center of it. Anoint the herbs with a few drops of orange or almond extract. Fold the paper in around the herbs to make a packet. Tape or staple it closed so that the herbs and spices are secured inside.

Take the writing implement and write your name, or the name of the person you’re performing the spell for on the outside of the paper. Hold the sachet in your hands, ground yourself and focus on acing your interview, getting the job and excelling at it. Tell yourself that if it’s meant to be, it’ll be yours and if not, then the next one. Place the spell sachet among the candles, either between them or in the center, if you use more than two. Tea lights work well for this, but any size candle will do! Light the candles, still focusing on getting the job. Let the candles burn down for a while. If you’re using tea lights, you can let the candles burn almost all the way down.

Before they go out, however, get your fireproof container. Take your sachet and ignite it on one of the candles. You can use a lighter to help it along if needed. Burn the paper and herbs to ashes in the container, and dump water on it to make sure everything is extinguished. You can either keep the ashes nearby, or take them outside and release them into the wind (and the universe), letting them carry your intent with them.

Then it’s the waiting game! Make any follow up calls if you need to, get a good night’s rest and go and ace your interview! If you’ve already had your interview, KNOW that you aced it. You’ll get your news soon enough, and whatever it is, it’s probably what’s best for you in the moment. The job your need is out there–hopefully this spell brings it a little bit closer to you.