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Witchcraft Basics: What are Glamours and how do you cast one?

Wow I’ve been absent for over a week! To be fair, I’ve been incredibly busy recently. Mostly because I got married last Saturday, September 1! Well, we had our reception–my wife and I eloped back in May. 🙂 I’ll be busy again next week with a trip to Texas in the works, but I’m back for now with a bunch more magic to share with you, a lot of which is related to my recent nuptials. 😉 While getting ready […]

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Beauty Magic: Spritzer (for Natural Hair)

A Beauty Magic Spritz for your Hair (and Face!) Rose water, rose water, oh how I love rose water. I have an entire post on rose water planned, but this post is more about rose water–well, water in general–and natural hair. And beauty magic, of course! My natural hair journey has been…a bit of a trip. I tried all kinds of fancy products, methods, creams, oils, butters. Nothing really worked. My hair was always dry, brittle and thinning. It’s still […]

Down the Rabbit Hole