Spellwork Basics: What are Cleansing Spells and How do they Work?

So you’ve read my post about cleansing spells, but you’re still wondering: what is cleansing, and why exactly do we need to do it? Or maybe not, it’s pretty self explanatory just from the name itself, but it still helps to break it down into its parts, discuss the history, and the different ways we can do it. Simply put, cleansing is the act of dispersing any energy build up, especially negative energy build up, in your space. You know […]

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Cleansing House (Part 1)-A Deep Cleanse for your Space

So, probably one of the most important parts of witchcraft is cleansing your space, and I know I don’t do nearly enough of it. Things tend to get messy if you don’t do a house cleansing regularly, both literally and spiritually/magically, especially if you’ve been sad, or stressed. In spite of my laziness I have a favorite method of cleansing our little house and preparing it for warding (another very important part of witchcraft). It’s an all day kind of […]

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