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Spellwork Basics: Spell Writing. The Anatomy of a Basic Spell

Previously: What is Cleansing?  Spell writing is as fun as it is challenging. When you write a spell for yourself, you can tailor it to your needs, to what you have, to what you can get your hands on. You can share it with others, of course–I sure do!–but you can also make them deeply personal, and specific to your situation. There are general, accepted meanings of herbs, colors, etc., but personal meanings and associations are just as important, if […]

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Stronger Spells: Layering Your Magic in the Kitchen for Spell Potency

So if you’ve gone through my kitchen magic section at any point, you’ve probably realized that I enjoy making things from scratch. There’s always been something very appealing to me about starting from the bare bones of a recipe. If I had the means to grind my own flour, I probably would. I’ll definitely be growing my own vegetables at some point. I’m honest to god a 1950s housewife at the core of my being. Successfully making my own vegetable […]

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