Spellwork Basics: What is a Ward and How does it Work?

First off, my apologies for not posting last Friday. I took the day off work (my job and this blog) to spend with my wife and get some things done for our upcoming wedding (reception)! I’ll be doing a post about wedding magic some time in the near future. 😉 But first, I have another post about some of our witchcraft basics! Last time I wrote a post like this, we talked about the different types of cleansing. Today, we’ll […]

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Cleansing House (Part 2): Warding and Protecting Your Space

So you’ve cleansed your house/apartment. It smells wonderful and feels more open, more light, freeing even, and you want to keep it that way. You want to make sure none of those icky things find their way into your life or your home again, at least not for a long time, and you’re not entirely sure how. Well, that’s where warding comes in. There are a lot of ways to ward, but this one is my favorite, and it’s pretty […]

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