Wedding Magic: Magickal ideas for your Special Day

So I got married. 🙂 And the wedding was a lot of work, but a lot of fun! We did pretty much everything ourselves, so I didn’t sleep for about a week, but I think it turned out pretty magical. Since there was magic woven into almost every little thing and choice we made, that’s no surprise! From the flower choices, to the colors, to the centerpieces, to the party favors and the style of my dress! So of course […]

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Witchcraft Basics: What are Glamours and how do you cast one?

Wow I’ve been absent for over a week! To be fair, I’ve been incredibly busy recently. Mostly because I got married last Saturday, September 1! Well, we had our reception–my wife and I eloped back in May. 🙂 I’ll be busy again next week with a trip to Texas in the works, but I’m back for now with a bunch more magic to share with you, a lot of which is related to my recent nuptials. 😉 While getting ready […]

Down the Rabbit Hole